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Top Songs Apps Available on the 9apps Store

9apps is designed for the android system. It’s a store having plenty of songs apps including other varieties of apps with a different genre. Android market has tons of apps and there are a lot of paid apps. With the help of 9apps store, one can download the paid apps of Android for free.

What is 9apps

9apps is the store of apps and software. It was created years ago and since then the store has developed, upgraded and advanced themselves and as a result, 9apps is considering the second best android store, just after the play store. No matter what, the play store will always be the best android market because it has a huge share and has the copyrights of the android market. But they are facing a competition here. After installing the 9apps apk, you will be amazed to see the services they are offering. They are giving the users all of the paid android apps for free which is awesome. It is free of malware and virus so it’s totally safe. Users are satisfied with the services of the store. No scam or fraud or cheating happened so far about 9apps. The 9apps store offers apps off all genre like action, adventure, racing, arcade, photos and beauty, ebooks, file manager, songs, audio, and video player, multimedia streaming, antivirus, cleaner and many more. There are uncountable free apps and 9apps store makes apps only for their users because they care about their users.

The songs apps

Music is heavenly and listens to your favorite music soothes the soul. There is no doubt that the eternal peace music gives is hard to replace and almost everyone in the world enjoys it. It’s a common saying that once you accept music in your life, then you can’t leave it. Here comes the 9apps store to assist you with everything regarding the music. Just count the store as your music companion and see the store will never disappoint you. The 9apps store has many songs apps where you can listen to the songs online and can download it.
  1. Gaana – one of the best songs apps so far for Android and other platforms with every feature. The app contains the latest hits and can even create a playlist for you. The collection of the app is huge and you can find every type and genre of songs. Nowadays this app stays in most of the smartphones because it has a vast demand.
  2. Wynk music – the music app developed by the famous telecom company Airtel and it is developed to target the song-lovers. Again it is considered one of the best apps and the collection is amazing. It creates radio stations and can offer you amazing playlists. You can listen to any song at any time.
  3. Saavn – probably the best songs app available in the store which has the best collection of songs and has a very user-friendly interface. You can add songs in the queue or to your wishlist and can even make playlists according to your own.
  4. Hungama music – many users like to use Hungama music app because it is easy to use and the app can recognize easily the genre of the song you like and suggests songs according to that.
  5. Regional songs apps – besides all of that you can find many regional songs apps in 9apps stores like Telugu songs, Bhojpuri songs, Marathi songs, Bollywood songs, Bengali songs, Kannada songs, folk songs and many more.
  6. Songs and videos – many kinds of songs and video apps are available. If you are someone who likes to record the song, sung by your own then yes, the apps like Starmaker and others are available where you can show your creativity. There are apps like TikTok where you can sing a song by recording your video and can upload it and share it on various media.
  7. Songs apps by artists – if you are someone who likes to listen to songs of particular artists then the songs apps of this genre is also available in the 9apps store. Just go to the search bar and type the name of the artist and you will find the songs apps of that particular singer. This is one of the amazing features of the 9apps store.
  8. Festive songs – the 9apps store offers various festive songs like Jesus songs, Chhath Puja songs, Ganesh Chaturthi songs, Dussehra songs, Christmas Songs and many more. Type the name of the festival and the 9apps will show you plenty of songs apps of this genre.
  9. Album songs – the 9apps store also provides some album songs apps where you can add your favorite songs and create albums or listen to famous albums and save it in your memory. This type of album songs apps is really helpful for some people.
  10. Media player – you have songs and to listen to it you need to have a media player and the 9apps store has plenty of good and quality media players and music players where listening songs and watching videos are perfect. MX player, Mp3 player, Mp3 music player, YO music player are some of the famous media players. You can find huge stocks of music player and a media player which are actually helpful and some music player can even amplify the music in a higher level to give you the ultimate experience.
There are many songs apps available and nowadays people are actually enjoying these apps where you can listen, download the songs as well as show the creativity of yours and the best part is, all of the songs apps are absolutely free.

How to download the songs apps

Downloading the songs apps is easy from the 9apps store. There are few steps to follow and enjoy the ultimate peace.
  • First, open the 9apps store and go to the search bar
  • Then start searching the songs apps
  • There will be results shown and choose the one you want to download
  • Start downloading the app
  • After the downloading is finished go to the download section and install the downloaded apk
This is it and once you do this, you are welcome to the vast world of music and songs. Without any argument, the combination of 9apps store and the songs apps is the time killer and perfect to enjoy the life with the taste of the great innovation music which attracts the soul. Enjoy the entertainment at it’s best!

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